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join us in the world of happiness

     Say hello, oi, hola, ciao, Nǐn hǎo & more!

     Welcome to Our Group Travels for the Happiness Revolution

Our Travel Programs are creatively designed with an indoor and outdoor curriculum and interactive activities with a purpose.

We mindfully selected our destinations, itineraries, workshops, lectures, hosts & coaches to provide a unique approach of group travel, educational programs, service learning & community engagement.

Our Programs are specific curated by professionals in the fields of Travel, Education and Wellness.

We provide a variety of transformational travel experiences: as part of ou curriculum we make sure to include
 and offer activities around the the 5 pillars of Positive Psychology SPIRE (spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, emotional).


Destination Partners has 35 years of travel management expertise. And we are committed to promote the "Happiness Revolutions" through our programs of education and wellness around the globe.

The in-spire us team is very enthusiastic, happy and dedicated to help you to find your bliss while traveling, meaningfully connecting and transforming during group travel and as part of a global like-minded community.

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