Travel Programs For The Happiness Revolution


Adam Carter

CEO of Destination Partners, a travel management company with 35 years of experience dedicated to educational and service-oriented travel. DP has developed programs and destinations all around the globe for major universities (NYU, Stanford, Colombia, Stanford, Berkeley, UVA, OSU, etc), corporations (Google, Gartner, etc) and organizations (Institute for Shipboard Education, American Institute for Foreign Studies, etc). I am also an MBA alumni of NYU Stern School of business.


Luisa Carter

CEO of Destination Partners, is an educator, therapist and founder of House of Gaia, a 501c3 non-profit community center in Naples Florida dedicated to community, education and inclusion, based on the principles of the Science of Happiness. In addition to being an alum of your Happiness Institute training, she just recently finished the training for Chief Happiness Officer in Tourism and Hospitality with Sandro Formica at Florida International University.


The idea:

We believe to be the perfect partners to help HSA and WOHASU expand your line of events and courses abroad, developing a series of conferences, events and tours including:

  • Post WHS program in Florida (ex: Naples - a Blue Zone community - or the Florida Keys or elsewhere)

  • Periodic weekend conferences at other times of year (Summer or other holiday periods in US or abroad)

  • International tours/ workshops to countries where Happiness can be studied and experienced as a cultural phenomenon (Bhutan, Brazil, etc)


Why do it?

There are many reason to consider developing and offering a line of travel-based programs:

  1. Extend and amplify the brand thru new channels and ways to experiences Tal’s work around the globe through SPIRE experiences.

  2. Generate excitement and commitment by building community among key constituencies and prospects .

  3. Create this new revenue stream with zero incremental cost or commitment of resources — it is outsourced and managed by DP

A perfect example of such brand extension and creation of new revenue streams is Tony Robbins, who – in conjunction with one of our India partners - this year will bring hundreds of people to India for a week-long seminar and conference.


Why do it with Destination Partners?

  1. Unique combination of skills, experiences and resources and impeccable credentials

  2. 35 years experience in developing and managing high touch, content-rich travel programs and events for universities, NGOs and corporations

  3. And perhaps most importantly: our shared vision and understanding of the HSA mission and our optimum mix of credentials and backgrounds. As we write this, we are on a four month journey visiting 17 countries and connecting with other “Happy Destinations” and Blue Zones, to research and develop programming and partnerships for our “In-SpireUs” line of travel programming.

We would welcome the opportunity to set up a Zoom meeting to discuss this opportunity, share our passion and explain how travel, education and wellbeing can combine as a powerful force in the Happiness Revolution.



welcome to our world of happiness