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in- spire us is the wellness division of our 35 years old travel company Destination Partners. It was created to serve the wellness community and be part of the Happiness  Revolution.

Destination Partners is a travel management company dedicated to helping universities, non-profits and corporations source, plan, manage & execute enriching travel programs and experiences, all over the world, from groups of ten to hundreds.


Maria Luisa Carter "Lulu Carter"

President / Founder / Visionary

Chief Happiness Officer (FIU certification Tourism & Hospitality Industry)

Born in Sao Paulo, Maria Luisa (“Lulu”) Carter began her professional career in education, the arts and community service in Rio de Janeiro, before moving first to Europe and then to the United States 20 years ago. She now divides her time between the US, Brazil and other international travel.

With her extensive travels and degrees from Brazil in Speech Therapy, Multimedia Art, Psychodrama and a Masters in Education , Lulu views the world through an eclectic and multicultural prism. Her work reflects this approach, as she has initiated projects combining education, community service and arts throughout Brazil (including programs for street children in Rio and a sustainable ecotourism project at the Acajatuba Village in the Amazon where SAS Field program).

Her desire to similarly connect with people from all over the world grew as she and her family sailed on multiple voyages of Semester at Sea. Experiences and connections in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America led her to found the non-profit organization Bee Gaia, dedicating to bringing the world together through programs of art, education,well-being and travel. Her work has extended to working with US educational institutions on curiculum development, with special interest and expertise in programs relating to the African Diaspora, education, and community service. Lulu loves art, African dance and is very proud to have been asked to be a Queen Mother of the Ghanian Village of Torgome.


in-spire us

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